Dear Family and Friends:

On October 17, 2014, my brother David, affectionately known as Uncle D, passed away after a courageous journey with glioblastoma multiforme brain cancer. His journey in some ways was no different than the way he lived his life. He was slightly off-the-wall in the best way possible and was wildly himself in a world that tries to be everything but itself. He was so refreshingly real! He loved music, knew how to rap any beat and would break into song and dance at the most unpredictable of moments. He made people laugh with his impersonations and accents and could light up any room with his creative energy. He was totally an awesome guy in the most unassuming of ways.

Seems strange, but cancer was not his enemy. He accepted his fate and learned more about the fragility and meaning of life or “truths” as he would call them. Despite his prognosis, he kept moving forward, “sempre avanti” and learned important lessons along the way about himself and his spirituality.

My family has been strong and his friends have been truly amazing! We all came together and enclosed his family in a circle of love and great faith. Together, we realized that giving love and accepting love deeply is what life is all about. It really is so very simple!
In his final days, my promise to David was that we will help his wife Ada and two young sons, Nicholas, 12 yrs. and Chris, 8 yrs. remain in their home in West Hartford where the community has been so caring and supportive. Not having life insurance was his only regret. I need your help to keep this promise. In lieu of flowers, we hope you will help to make this fund continue to grow. Our goal is to raise $50,000 more…I know we can…I know we can…I know we can!

A “David Roberts Family Fund” has been established at Bridgehampton National Bank through The Island Gift of Life Foundation, a local 501c(3) charitable organization. Your donations are tax deductible and will go directly to David and his family. Credit Card donations can be made through our PAYPAL account. Check Donations can be made payable to The Island Gift of Life Foundation, with a memo “For David Roberts Family Fund” and mailed directly to:

The Island Gift of Life
P.O. Box 532
Shelter Island Heights, New York 11965

With Blessed Gratitude,
Gina Kraus

“Lest we forget how fragile we are.” Sting